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 Post subject: Out of Darkness
PostPosted: Thu Nov 14, 2013 7:08 pm 

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High upon the mountain’s peak he stood. At his prime he was a sight to behold; the pinnacle of the light races. From his vantage point he could see nearly all of southern Stax. There, in the depths of some expansive wasteland they battled. Light against darkness. Swords sang, steel cracked, and blood flowed. So much blood that it seemed to seep from the earth like some forest spring. Faceless bodies fell, and before his very eyes decayed into nothing, yet the battle continued, new warriors replacing the fallen. Turning his gaze skywards he saw a black spot in the sky.


A great wind swept through the streets of Guldor. Sand, dust, and fallen leaves had clogged the pathways and with each gust were cast skyward, as if dancing on the air’s invisible currents. Bodies were strewn about the street, as if an entire civilization fell dead as they went about their daily business. Vendors alongside their carts. Mothers with children in tow. Motionless, breathless, yet alive. Not a single creature was spared.


The black spot grew. Slowly at first, until it enveloped nearly the entire horizon. The fighting below had ceased, and all of the warriors looked to the sky. The earth began to tremble, and it felt as if the blood in his veins was boiling. A pain worse than any debilitating blow he had suffered on the battlefield. Wincing he fell to a knee, then to his chest. His cheek pressed against the cold mountain top granite. As the world plunged into darkness he saw her face. She lie there at his side, and slowly a smile formed upon her lips.


One eye blinked open, then the other. Nostrils flared open and a flush of fresh air entered, and sensation returned. A pink nose twitched, sensitive whiskers taking in the world around it. Slowly shapes began to emerge, blurry at first, but within moments their clarity returned. The sounds of the rustling leaves, the smell of damp sand. A mere moment to take in its surroundings, and the rat was on its feet, scampering about the streets of Guldor, cautiously sniffing at the bodies littering it. It found its way to the base of a large oak, and sought precarious footing to find its way to the dwelling situated in its crown. Entering through an open window, it made its way across the film of dust carpeting the floor, until it came across a massive human, chest down. The rat cocked its head, taking in the lifeless expression on the man’s face. Then in an instant it leapt back in terror. A puff of dust lifted from the floor as air, long held stale, was expelled from the mans lungs as he spoke, “Jewel.”

For a moment he lied completely motionless, seemingly powerless until sufficient strength returned to his muscles. Slowly he rose, using the dwellings furnishings for support. The final visions of his dream returned. The black sky, her face. He tried to separate dream from reality, but could not. Looking about he caught sight of a worn axe propped in place near the door. With great effort and overwhelming pain he managed to reach the weapon. His fingers wrapped along the sturdy wooden handle, and at once a great energy coursed through his veins. His eyes opened wide as his strength returned. A sense of clarity filled his mind, and he stepped to the dwelling’s window, where he beheld the grim scene on the streets below.
Another moment and his feet touched the earth. He looked to the city guards, collapsed at Guldor’s gates as he strode from the city and into the wilderness, to piece together a past that lay shrouded in fog in his mind.

To be continued…

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