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 Post subject: Didn't get the requested admin assistance? Troubleshooting
PostPosted: Mon Feb 02, 2015 5:50 pm 

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Admin assistance

You needed something, you asked an admin, nothing happened and that was weeks ago? We're always happy to help so there is probably a reason and there are only three possibilities.

:arrow: You asked the wrong admin

All admins have different jobs, and most importantly different accesses and rights. A coder cannot help with anything that is server related (char resurection, teleportation, resurection of a NPC char, adding a missing quest item in your inventory, fixing a quest misleading information, checking an ecounteer or a drop etc...), just like a server admin cannot help you with anything code-related (a bug somewhere, a broken page, some display issue) or with database-related issues (a name change). A Lambé admin cannot always help you in Stax and a Stax admin cannot always help in Lambé.
If the player asks the wrong admin, he relies on that admin opening a post in the forums to transfer the request to the right admin. Most of the time, the admin will do it, but if he doesn't, or if he forgets, your request will go off radar, and he can't really be blamed for that. Going straight to the right admin will usually result in both a greater chance to have your issue looked at, but also in a more rapid response.

Coders: Loucypher, Darkneotiger, Despe
Stax admin: Raffallos, Chaosman, Panthalassa, Despe and Blackout--
Lambé admin: Kindredslayer, Panthalassa, (Blackout--)

:arrow: You asked the good admin, but in the wrong place

Maybe even more important than the previous point, is the mean you use to transmit your request for assistance.

How to NOT request assistance:

-Through ingame messages: Recently I've been receiving many admin requests through ingame messages. This is possibly the worst way to ask for several reasons: first of all admins make a strong point in never mixing admin and character, and getting OOC requests for admin assistance in your pigeon box makes it feel like your character is just a prolongation of your admin account. It also makes you feel like other characters see your character as an admin and not as another character. Secondly, there is a time for everything and when we're available for admin work, we check the forum topics, our forum PMs, or we go to IRC #staxadmin and are fully ready to help. But when we login to our characters, it usually means the admin console is closed, and we didn't necessarily intend to open it up in an immediate future. Hence there are two choices, either the admin is super nice and he will have to stop what he was planning to do ingame to open the console and help the player out immediately (which is not very cool for him), or he will have to postpone it and chances are he might probably... forget it (which is not cool for the player). We know this seems like the easiest and fastest solution, but if the admin is going to spend 5, 10, 30 minutes, and sometimes more, looking at the issue, then it's not much asking that the player takes an extra 30 seconds to login in the forums and keeps the characters out of it.
-Through Skype or Facebook (pretty much same reason as above)
-Through mIRC when the admin is not in #staxadmin (pretty much same reason as above)

Off course we're always happy to help and we will not ignore your request just because you didn't go through the preferred means. But it does reduce your chances of having your issue looked at, and increases chances of us postponing and then forgetting.

How to request assistance:

-Ideal solution: by opening a topic in the forums under what you feel is the most appropriate board (bug report, general question or game info). This is the best for several reasons. First of all, all admins will see it, so you are sure that those who can help will notice it, you don't even need to ask yourself if its server, code, or database related. Secondly, it leaves a written reminder. Thirdly, we often use these (especially the bug report one) as some kind of to-do list, so even if it's not handled immediately, it will get handled at some point. If you need to give some sensitive information, send a PM to the admin you think is more fit, and mention in the topic that you did.
-Alternative, if you know exactly what and who you need, is to send a PM through the forums, directly to the admin who can help you.
-IRC #staxadmin channel can also be used
-In the extremely rare occasions that your request is a critically urgent one, then you can off course try all the different means, even the ones we advise against.

:arrow: You asked the good admin, at the good place, but it still didn't happen

Last scenario is you've done everything right but the admins who can help either missed your request or postponed it and forgot or remembers it but has simply not yet found the time to look into it. Then a kind reminder through PM or (better) in the topic you created will give your issue some visibility to the team again.

All in all, and most importantly, if you feel admins have not responded to a request you somehow, somewhere formulated, there is not any dumber choice than to complain about it in IRC, sometimes even going into ridiculous and insulting insinuations that admins are more responsive to requests made by a certain faction (I will not go about as to how it's stupid to think that people who spend so much time and good-will into making this game balanced would then voluntarily favor one side, but i'll just remind you that there are 2 dark admins and 2 light admins for stax and that all decisions are taken collectively. If one is dumb enough to feel an admin playing in the other faction will not take his request seriously, then he should at least be smart enough to also ask an admin from his faction.

 Post subject: Re: Didn't get the requested admin assistance? Troubleshooting
PostPosted: Thu Oct 19, 2017 1:47 pm 

Joined: Thu Oct 31, 2013 8:56 pm
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Don't know where to put this but...

I'll be away starting tomorrow with extremely limited internet access for two weeks, and dspe is not back from holidays yet. So please be patient if you have an issue as we will not be able to address it immediately. And don't break anything while we're gone :p

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